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Archimede Fusillo

Our visiting author for English Week this year was Archimede (Archie) Fusillo, who kept the Year 7 and 8 students enthralled with his stories of growing up in Australia, the son of Italian immigrant parents. Many of his stories made us laugh, and some also brought a tear to the eye. When Archie started school he knew only one word of English. His reading and writing developed slowly, and he soon found that a good way to get out of trouble was to be funny…or to tell a story. It was from these early days that his love of story began. His advice to students was to write about the people, places and events that you know. Some of his best known books are…


Here are some 50 word stories from Archie’s workshop:-

In a desolate town in South Australia lived two child prodigies, Juliet the sinister one, and Kate, the arch enemy of Juliet. One night Juliet took Kate for a walk to the local endliss pit and pushed her in the black depths to stop her scheming against her forever. – Jack (Year 8)

It was Christmas Day. My crazy parents locked me in my rooom and delivered my breakfast through a slot in the door. They were tired of me getting up early and spoiling the surprise. Then at 8.00am my parents let me out. I sprinted down the stairs – I could see a huge package! – Lloyd (Year 8)

I creep into the kitchen, the large bag wriggling on my shoulder. I open the door, careful not to break anything. I dump the bag. Ma walked inot the kitchen, happily mixing bird seed and compost fro the breakfast gruel. Ma opened the door. “Hopy crap! There’s a gorilla in the pantry!”

Jason and Nathan were running down the street. Two older boys were chasing them because they had thrown rocks at their car. Jason and Nathan ran and ran until they were puffed out. As they sped around the corner of a building they were suddenly faced by the older boys! – Jason (Year 8)





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Neil Gaiman – graphic novels, novels poems

I was lucky enough to attend the CBCA Conference in Melbourne last weekend and one of the standout speakers was British author Neil Gaiman. Many fans had booked in just for his session and the queue for book signings was probably the longest of the day. Whilst being famous for his dark and quirky graphic novels, he held us spellbound with his poetry readings of new takes on well-loved fairy stories. Try the story of Sleeping Beauty from the point of view of the fairy godmother who wasn’t invited to the christening, or Goldilocks through the eyes of a two year old. Fabulous!

Check out three of these poems on Fiction Focus

For more cool stuff and things about Neil Gaiman try his website

He also has an online journal


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