More Year 7 Reviews

Demon Princess: Reign or Shine 

This is a really good book. I haven’t quite finished it but so far it’s great. The book is about a girl called Nikki who discovers that after 16 years of never knowing her dad, she finds out that he is a demon king from another dimension, (the shadow lands) who is gravely ill and that she is heir to the throne. Also, Nikki has a crush on her new servant, which, not to mention is forbidden. Oh and there’s a high chance she won’t live past 18. What will she do?

By Kelsie Vickery

HS 3    YR 7D

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief reviewed by Callum Barnes

This story is about a boy called Percy Jackson who thinks he is a normal teenage boy that goes to school every day with his best friend “Grover” and lives with his Mum and his step Dad. But one day Percy finds out that his best friend is a satyrs and monsters are coming to try and kill him. He also soon finds out who his real father is.

My opinion

I thought this book was a great action book, I couldn’t stop reading it because I wanted to keep finding out what was going to happen next,

I recommend this book who likes action books.


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