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Neil Gaiman – graphic novels, novels poems

I was lucky enough to attend the CBCA Conference in Melbourne last weekend and one of the standout speakers was British author Neil Gaiman. Many fans had booked in just for his session and the queue for book signings was probably the longest of the day. Whilst being famous for his dark and quirky graphic novels, he held us spellbound with his poetry readings of new takes on well-loved fairy stories. Try the story of Sleeping Beauty from the point of view of the fairy godmother who wasn’t invited to the christening, or Goldilocks through the eyes of a two year old. Fabulous!

Check out three of these poems on Fiction Focus

For more cool stuff and things about Neil Gaiman try his website

He also has an online journal



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The Great Gatsby – F.Scott Fitzgerald [Graphic Novel]

The Great Gatsby is considered by many to be one of the greatest books of the twentieth century. Now a graphic novelist, Nikki Greenberg, has spent six years painstakingly rewriting the story in graphic novel form. Instead of making the characters lifelike or realistic in any way, Greenberg has chosen to invent bizarre, barely clad creatures of the imagination. Gatsby is cast as a seahorse – a flamboyant yet slippery and dreamy misfit, whilst Daisy is akin to a bird – elegant and flighty but with an instinct for survival.

It is up to the reader to accept this surreal setting with characters stranger than fiction who inhabit Fitzgerald’s jazz-age world of the early twentieth century.

Read a review and make up your own mind.

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