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Spine Out

For those of you who are interested in expressing your own ideas and thoughts and sharing your creativity in words, art, film or music the online magazine Spine Out, by the publishers of Good Reading magazine, could be for you. It is aimed specifically at young adult readership and you are able to upload your own writing and read the reviews and ideas of others. Check here 


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Isobelle Carmody

Woodleigh School is lucky enough to be having a visit from Isobelle Carmody in Term 4. Isobelle Carmody is one of Australia’s best-loved authors of books for young adults and children. She started writing her famous Obernewtyn Chronicles when she was just fourteen, and the serieswill eventually span seven books and more thantwenty years. Her latest book, The Red Wind, has recently won the CBC Book of the Year for Younger Readers.

You can find out more about Isobelle Carmody on her website

There is also a great interview available on the Penguin newsletter, where Isobelle speaks about her life and her feelings about completing the Obernewtyn Chronicles.


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New from Scott Westerfeld

Steampunk is still proving very popular. With the success of Behemoth, follsoing on form Westerfeld’s Leviathin, his readers are eagerly awaiting the third book in the series, Goliath, which we can expect later this year – it will be a long wait for some.

To find out more about Goliath check out Scott Westerfeld’s excellent blog. There you can read about his final drafts far the new book and quite a lot about the editing process.


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Hypothetical Book Covers

American artist and designer, Charlie Orr, has hit on the idea of designing book covers for hypothetical books of well-known artists. His latest author is Neil Gaiman, and the title of his non-book is, fittingly, If you read this book the world will end. To see the design for a moving digital cover (ie  a cover which moves), and to listen to the possible first chapter of this ‘book’ go to the Hypothetical Library.

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Introducing Mal Peet

An other author I met at the Reading Matters Conference was British award-winning Mal Peet. Mal says that ‘books are the most environmentally friendly way to travel.’ He writes books with elements of adventure, travel history and English football. Some of his title include:- Keeper, Tamar (which won the Carnegie Medal) and The penalty.

About himself Mal Peet says: –

I grew up as a member of an emotionally impaired family on a council estate in a one-horse market town in north Norfolk. The three things that kept me sane were: my bike; books; football. The bike took me great distances (Norfolk is, famously, flat, although there are hills that can sneak up on you). Books took me further away, often to islands – Treasure Island, Coral Island, and wherever it was that the Swiss Family Robinson found themselves. I also loved comics, and originally wanted Keeper to be a graphic novel. As for football, by the time I was sixteen, I was playing at least three full matches a week – for my school, for my county, and for the town.

For a Q and A about his latest book Exposure click here


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Monster Librarian

If you are heavily into vampires, horror or scary books of any sort, visit Monster Librarian for up-to-date reviews of books in this genre. Moving on from Stephanie Meyer, you might like to try Claudia Gray, Kimberley Pauley, Rachel Caine or Kate Cary


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Boys, blokes, books and bytes

Are you a boy who likes (or wants) to read for pleasure?

Then this is the site for you.  lots of hot tips about authors to read and blogs to download.

Check out the “Pester your library” link. Or the online comic DFC, available only by subscription, and with articles by authors such as Philip Pullman, of the His dark materials series.

Find out the latest books news – such as that Artemis Fowl is about to come out in graphic novel form. 

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