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Student Book Reviews

   I read How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff. I rated it 5/5.

When Daisy is sent to England to spend time with her Aunty, she meets her cousins….Piper, Osbert, Isaac and Edmond. A war breaks out and she and her cousins are separated. Osbert is sent to work for the army, Edmond and Isaac are sent to a farm and Daisy and Piper are sent to live with an army family, but when the enemy strikes and shoots the father, they decide to leave to find Isaac and Edmond – who she has fallen in love with.

Along the way they bond and become closer as cousins.

At the end of the book, Daisy is sent back to New York, but she eventually finds her way back to England. It is an exciting, adventurous book that I would happily read again.     CHarlotte Wall Year 9.

  The Vampire Diaries by L.J.Smith

This is a great book about Stefan Salvatore in 1864; it is set in the time of the civil war. This book is based on a T.V show which is based on a book. Stefan lives with his father, Giuseppe Salvatore. His father has arranged his marriage with a childhood friend, Rosalyn Cartwright whose father owns the bank. Stefan doesn’t want to marry her, he wants to make his father proud and agrees to marry her.

  Everything changes when a 16 year old girl moves into the carriage house, she claimed her parents had died in a fire in Atlanta. Her name was Katherine.

In mystic falls there have been many attacks on animals lately. Most people think that it’s either some wild dogs or demons.  Stefan’s father knows that the attacks are actually from vampires in the town, he sets up a council with some other men in the town, to find and kill all of the vampires. Stefan doesn’t believe his father but agrees to come to the meeting.

Stefan soon finds out that Katherine is a vampire, after his wife is killed at a barbeque to celebrate their engagement. Katherine uses mind control on him so that he won’t tell anyone about her secret and so he wouldn’t be scared of her. Stefan soon finds out that there are many vampires in town.

This was a great book I would recommend it to anyone but maybe only girls.

You can read a sample of it at

 Emily Damon Year 9


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New from Scott Westerfeld

Steampunk is still proving very popular. With the success of Behemoth, follsoing on form Westerfeld’s Leviathin, his readers are eagerly awaiting the third book in the series, Goliath, which we can expect later this year – it will be a long wait for some.

To find out more about Goliath check out Scott Westerfeld’s excellent blog. There you can read about his final drafts far the new book and quite a lot about the editing process.


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Congratulations Shaun Tan

Popular author and illustrator Shaun Tan is to be congratulated on his nomination for an Academy Award in the category of animated short film.

He has been working on an adaptation of his picture story book  The Lost Thing.

The 15-minute film is one of five to receive nominations for the short animation category which will be announced at The 83rd Academy Awards on February 27.

Tan was born in Fremantle in 1974, and freelanced for some years from a studio in Mount Lawley.

He bagged several international art and writing awards before relocating to Melbourne in 2007.

Woodleigh School wishes Shaun Tan good luck for the awards.


Find out more at the website

Or watch the trailer on youtube

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