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Hypothetical Book Covers

American artist and designer, Charlie Orr, has hit on the idea of designing book covers for hypothetical books of well-known artists. His latest author is Neil Gaiman, and the title of his non-book is, fittingly, If you read this book the world will end. To see the design for a moving digital cover (ie  a cover which moves), and to listen to the possible first chapter of this ‘book’ go to the Hypothetical Library.


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Book Trailers

We have been experimenting with making our own Book Trailers. This is a great way of telling other readers about books that we have enjoyed.

Here are some sample Book Trailers by Woodleigh students.

Amelia D and the peacock lamp by Odo Hirsch. Trailer by Isobel Cian Amelia_Dee

Grace by Morris Glietzman. Trailer by Caeleigh Smales Grace

  India dark by Kirsty Murray. Book Trailer by Tea and Rayna India Dark Trailer

 Young Zorro – the iron brand by Jan Adkins. Book Trailer by Ryan Lindsay and Dan Broughill zorro good.

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