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Introducing Mal Peet

An other author I met at the Reading Matters Conference was British award-winning Mal Peet. Mal says that ‘books are the most environmentally friendly way to travel.’ He writes books with elements of adventure, travel history and English football. Some of his title include:- Keeper, Tamar (which won the Carnegie Medal) and The penalty.

About himself Mal Peet says: –

I grew up as a member of an emotionally impaired family on a council estate in a one-horse market town in north Norfolk. The three things that kept me sane were: my bike; books; football. The bike took me great distances (Norfolk is, famously, flat, although there are hills that can sneak up on you). Books took me further away, often to islands – Treasure Island, Coral Island, and wherever it was that the Swiss Family Robinson found themselves. I also loved comics, and originally wanted Keeper to be a graphic novel. As for football, by the time I was sixteen, I was playing at least three full matches a week – for my school, for my county, and for the town.

For a Q and A about his latest book Exposure click here



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Reading Matters

I have just attended three days of the Reading Matters Conference sponsored by the Centre for Youth Literature of the State Library of Victoria. What a great three days! The students thoroughly enjoyed hearing from John Green, M.T.Anderson and Bernard Beckett on the student day. A special treat was seeing former Woodleigh student Nick Donaldson performing in re-enactments of scsnes from Green’s “Paper Towns’, and Beckett’s ‘Genesis’. Nick did a fantastic job of bringing the characters to life.

To learn more about these actors check out their websites and blogs:-

John Green , M.T.Anderson (an interview), and Bernard Beckett (a review)

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