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Monster Librarian

If you are heavily into vampires, horror or scary books of any sort, visit Monster Librarian for up-to-date reviews of books in this genre. Moving on from Stephanie Meyer, you might like to try Claudia Gray, Kimberley Pauley, Rachel Caine or Kate Cary



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English Week 2009 – Introducing Terry Denton

Terry is an old friend of Woodleigh School (though I am not sure he would like being refrred to like that!) and will be working with Year 7 students this year. He is well-loved for his wacky illustrations and loveable characters in books such as The Storymaze series, Gasp!, Wombat and Max, and The bad book series with Andy Griffiths.

Learn more about Terry at his website and his blog


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English Week 2009 – Introducing Scot Gardner

Scot Gardner will be our Writer-in-Residence during English Week and will be running workshops with selected Year 9, 10 and 11 students Scot has been popular in the past with Woodleigh students. Among his best-selling books are White ute dreaming, Burning Eddy, Gravity and The other Madonna. He loves surfing, especially body surfing, and earth gardens. He loves to write in feral, out-of-the-way places.

Find out more about Scot at his website  or his blog


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English Week 2009 – Introducing Doug Macleod

A group of selected Year 7 and 8 students will be workshopping with visiting author Doug Macleod during English Week. Doug is the author of books such as Kevin the Troll, Tumble Turn, I’m being stalked by a moonshadow and The Clockwork Forest. He is also a poet withe popular Sister Madge’s Book of Nuns and In the garden of bad things.

Doug is also a screenwriter and TV producer and has worked on such shows as Fast forward, The Micallef Show and Seachange.


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English Week 2009 – Introducing Simmone Howell

A group of  9 and 10 girls will be meeting Simmone Howell during English Week thanks to the Peninsula Festival of Arts and Ideas. Simmone is the author of popular books for young adults Notes from the teenage underground and Everything beautiful. Simmone is not sure when she decided to become a writer, but has always loved writing. She had her first poem published when she was twelve. Between 1998 and 2002 she self-published sme books with friends from RMIT.Her interests include hand-built houses, cult fiction Hollywood in the twenties, beachcombing and book trafficking.

To find out more about Simmone check out her website or her blog


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