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2009 – International Year of Astronomy

Welcome to the International Year of Astronomy – all stargazers should keep up with special events during the year bykeeping an eye on the official website 

Lots of free public astronomy lectures, on topics such as Millisecond Pulsar Hunting. Also musical events combining well-known Australian musicians such as James Morrison, teaming up with astronomers at places of astronomical interest! Watch out for photography competitions, too.

Try these links to fascinating astronomy sites:-

Astronomical Society of Australia

Astronomical S0ciety of Victoria

Melbourne Planetarium



Hubble Space Telescope


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A new magazine for girls – Lip

For girls who are looking for something new and fresh to read try Lip Mag.

Designed for girls who think, feel, create, speak out and live – you should find this refreshingly open and interesting to read with lots of links to other stuff of interest on the Internet.

Read Lip online

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Update on Neil Gaiman

We haven’t heard the last of the wonderful Neil Gaiman. With the success of The graveyard Book, and the release of an animated version of Coraline his popularity continues.

For more information about Gaiman books checkout Abebooks.

Preview Coraline.

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What to read after Twilight?

The most borrowed book from our library last year was Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series. Now that you have read the books and seen the film, where do you go next? Well, the next best thing seems to be The Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead.

To find out more about the series read the prologue here

To find out more about Richelle Mead follow this link

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Philip Pullman – His Dark Materials

Philip Pullman’s ever-popular His Dark Materials series has gained new readership since the release of the film The Golden Compass based on his books. Controversy rages in some circles where Pullman is accused of being anti-religion, or more specifically anti- Catholicism.

To here Pullman giving his views about the film, and the way his book was adapted for the screen check this podcast.

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Welcome back for 2009

A big welcome back to all students for 2009. We are looking forward to another great year of reading, films and competitions. Keep an eye on this blog for all updates. 2008 was an amazing year for vampires, with Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series being the standout popular read for the year ( especially amongst the girls, it has to be said) Old favourites such as Matthew Reilly, Meg Rosoff, John Marsden contimue to be popular with Neil Gaiman making a stand with his masterful books. Please forward any ideas for books to me….

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