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Boys, blokes, books and bytes

Are you a boy who likes (or wants) to read for pleasure?

Then this is the site for you.  lots of hot tips about authors to read and blogs to download.

Check out the “Pester your library” link. Or the online comic DFC, available only by subscription, and with articles by authors such as Philip Pullman, of the His dark materials series.

Find out the latest books news – such as that Artemis Fowl is about to come out in graphic novel form. 


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Brisingr – Christopher Paolini

Have you been waiting for the third instalment of the Eragon series by Christopher Paolini? Your wait is over as it is now available for all to read.

Regarding Brisingr and the choice of name, Paolini has said:

Brisingr is one of the first words I thought of for this title, and it’s always felt right to me. […] As the first ancient-language word that Eragon learns, it has held particular significance for his legacy as a Dragon Rider. In this new book, it will be revealed to be even more meaningful than even Eragon could have known.

The word ‘Brisingr’ means ‘fire’ in the ancient language of the elves of Alagaësia that all magic is based on.

To hear Christopher Paolini discussing the writing of Brisingr go to You Tube  

The Brisingr story became so long that Paolini has decided that the  Inheritance Trilogy shoudl now become a series of four – so there will still be one book to go. For all lovers of magic, dragons, and fantasy quests this one is for you.

But is it as good as Eragon and Eldest? What do you think?

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Melbourne – UNESCO City of Literature

Melbourne’s passion for literature and books has been rewarded by The United Nations naming Melbourne as only its second City of Literature and part of its Creative Cities Network. In 2005 Edinburgh was named the first City of Literature, and Melboure, like Edinburgh, is justly proud of the culture of books and reading here. According to the bid document Melbourne “boasts more bookshops per head of population than anywhere else in the country” and also enjoys “the country;s highest concentration of community book clubs. Hopefully this award will encourage the State Government to p rovide more support to writing and publishing in the city. The government was the driving force behind the bid, and intends to fund a Centre for Books and Ideas on the Little Lonsdale Street side of the State Library. Groups such as the Victorian Writers’ Centre and the Australian Poetry Centre will find a home there.


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