Once upon a time in the North – Philip Pullman

With the popularity of Philip Pullman’s classic His dark materials not suffering from the release of the Golden Compass on film, it is a joy to be able to continue the story with what amounts to a prequel to the tale of Lyra and her friends. Set as a type of Western cowboy narrative, bullying and greed now become the realm of politics and political ambition.

Link to The Times review by Amanda Craig

Read about an exclusive interview with Philip Pullman bout his books, also from The Times

What do you think about Pullman’s new novella and his take on the power of big business and politics?





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3 responses to “Once upon a time in the North – Philip Pullman

  1. Kate Stevens

    Hi Book Worms im Kate and im in year 7 and i wanted to talk about a few books sorry not this 1 😦

    i would just like to recomend some books that i have read latley Mister Monday and the whole Keys to the Kingdom seires, His dark materials also known as the northern Lights


    Kate xxx

    PS when can i put on my books ive read for the PREMIERS READING CHALLENGE please reply!!!

    • heathereboundy

      Thanks Kate for your suggestions. I am pleased that you are enjoying the Garth Nix Mister Monday series too

  2. Kate Stevens

    also this is kinda akward but i also like the Girls stuff book it may be gross but i found it very edgicatunal and funny at the same time 🙂 beacause i have missed some parts of that stuff thats in the book as ive have been moving alot

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