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Once upon a time in the North – Philip Pullman

With the popularity of Philip Pullman’s classic His dark materials not suffering from the release of the Golden Compass on film, it is a joy to be able to continue the story with what amounts to a prequel to the tale of Lyra and her friends. Set as a type of Western cowboy narrative, bullying and greed now become the realm of politics and political ambition.

Link to The Times review by Amanda Craig

Read about an exclusive interview with Philip Pullman bout his books, also from The Times

What do you think about Pullman’s new novella and his take on the power of big business and politics?





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Alice Pung – Growing up Asian in Australia

One of the popular reads over the last twelve months has been Alice Pung’s colourful and poignant story about growing up Chinese in Northcote. The ethnic Chinese Pung family arrived in Australia from Cambodia, escaping the deadly Khmer Rouge. This is a story of a family in search of something better than the terror they left behind, and of trying to fit in to a community very different from the one they have known.   Alice becomes the classic immigrant child who must bridge the gap between two cultures. Her mother and grandmother use her as their interpreter, bringing moment of both humour and pain.

Listen to Alice Pung in conversation with Shalini Akhil on the ABC Radio National Book Show podcast.

Hear Alice Pung reading from her book on the insideadog website

Or visit Alice Pung’s blog 


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Twilight Series – Stephanie Meyer

For vampire lovers everywhere and fans of the Twilight series you will be pleased to know that the fourth book in the series is on its way. Here is a preview from Amazon of the new cover Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, Book 4)

If you check Stephanie Meyer’s website you can find out the latest news. She is waiting on permission from the publisher to put the first chapter online for fans to  preview. For information about Twilight- The Movie, including a highlight clip check the Summit Entertainment site.

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