More Prizewinning Books – Geraldine McCaughrean

The White Darkness by Geraldine McCaughrean. Winner of the Printz Award for Excellence in Young Adult Literature.

Fourteen year old Symone takes the trip of her life to Antarctica, following in the footsteps of her (imaginery?) explorer companion. However no part of the trip is exactly as she suspected, and finally she is in doubt that she will even survive the journey. The book is a challenging and unique read with shifts in time and a not entirely reliable narrator. A book for the reader who loves a challenge.

 Read a review here….and here

Also by Geraldine McCaughrean – Not the End of the World.

Everyone knows the story of the Ark. The flood rising, the animals entering two by two. Noah. But what about the women and the children? Did they all accept Noah’s oreders to ignore their friends and neighbours struggling in the water?

When Timna does the unthinkable, defying her father and saving a life, she knows her fearful secret may bring death and diaster on board.  

Read the review

About Geraldine McCaughrean on her official website.

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