Oetzi – the Ice Man

Students in Year 7 Hums/Science will be researching the discovery, in 1991,  of  a well-preserved human body high in the Austrian Alps. The body turned out to be 5300 years old, the oldest frozen mummy ever found. The body was taken to Austria where a team of scientists analysed the body to find out how old it was, and to try to determine the mystery of his death.

 The following sites will be useful as you research the work of scientists, especially their role in finding out more about Oetzi.

BBC UK – Death of the Iceman

Wikipedia – Otzi the Iceman

Mummy Tombs – Oetzi Iceman of the Alps

BBC News – Blood clues to Iceman’s death

South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology: Oetzi

Ask Mr.Dig – Otzi

Nova Online – The Iceman’s last meal

News in Science – Prehistoric Iceman fought to his death

Crystalinks – Otzi the Iceman

Oetzi: 5000 year old murder case solved

Archaeo News – Iceman was wearing earliest snowshoes 


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