Animalia comes to the screen.

Graeme Base’s classic picture book, based on the letters of the alphabet, with amazing illustrations and hidden treasures on every page, is about to appear on the screen in animated form. It may not be what you expect. Graeme Base explains that adapting one form of art into another is always going to mean that the new form will be different.. What was crucial to Base was to retain the spirit of Animalia but create a new definition of its world, which is about the love of solving puzzles and exploring. “So we picked out the animals from the book and flung them all together into the world of Animalia and created a plot that revolves around the problem of communication. The parallel world has versions of many of the technologies children are familiar with in our world, but they are transformed by Graeme Base’s imagination: television pictures appear on blue butterfly wings, and, instead of mobile phones, communication occurs via a flower-like device. Check the Animalia website.

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