The Kite Runner

One of the most popular books in the Woodleigh Library during 2007 was Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner. Beginning in Afghanistan during the 1970s just before it was dismantled by the Russians and then the Taliban, school boy best friends, Amir and Hassan, spend lots of time together, teaming up for the popular kite-flying festival. Hassan is the most skilled at running down kites once they have been cur by competing fliers. Their friendship is severed abruptly following a shocking scene of torment and violence, for which Amir feels shame and guilt at not coming to his friend’s aid. Many years later Amir returns to a very different Afghanistan to rescue the son of his spurned friend. A powerful story in anyone’s language.

The recent release of the film of The Kite Runner, to mixed reviews, has led to renewed interest in the story. It is recommended that you read the book before seeing the film. Young Kabul schoolchildren, Ebrahimi and Mahmoodzada, with no acting experience, bring a fresh enthusiasm to the difficult roles of Amir and Hassan. Because of the difficulties of filming in Afghanistan , the film was mainly shot in China.


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